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Mobile complexes for the Ministry of Emergency Situations

Mobility and agility play a decisive role in the provision of efficient remedial actions by national authorities and emergency response forces after man-caused and natural accidents and disasters. At the same time, mobility depends not only on the professional training of the respective formations, but also on the availability of the technical means necessary for their rapid transfer to the areas of emergencies and autonomous work.

Taking this into account, Midivisana LLC offers products that can help to increase the mobility of rescue teams and their capacity to perform emergency rescue and other urgent works.

Moreover, the Company has experience in the development and production of mobile components of control systems for search and rescue units that ensure coordination of work from sites located as close as possible to areas of emergency situations, as well as the integration of search and rescue management systems at regional and interregional levels.

Designation - organization of the work of government officials in crisis situations and during liquidation of the consequences of natural and man-caused emergency situations. Components - as agreed with the customer. Mobile center ensures: ...
Designation - arranging necessary conditions for the work of the operative group (7-8 people) to manage emergency rescue (recovery) and other emergency works in the emergency zone. Mobile command post ensures: delivery of an operative group and ...
Designation - providing the operational group of the Ministry of Emergency Situations with all types of communications necessary for emergency rescue (recovery) and other emergency works in the emergency zone. Communication equipment room provides: ...
    Designation - placing of operational and technical personnel, special equipment and provision of autonomous operation in the management of various levels in the field conditions during a long period in areas of emergency situations, man-caused ...

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