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Mobile complexes for the Armed Forces

Taking into account the experience of armed conflicts and recent wars, in the process of their development modern armed forces pay special attention to increasing the mobility of troops. This term is understood as the ability of the armed forces to carry out before the beginning and during the combat activities the operational maneuver with available forces and means for strengthening existing or creating new force groupings.

The mobility of troops presupposes the availability of mobile technical means corresponding to the level of tasks assigned, capable of ensuring the rapid transfer of troops and the comprehensive provision of their activities to counter the military threat.

In accordance with these requirements, Midivisana LLC has developed, and now produces and supplies a whole line of special products - mobile command posts, mobile complexes and systems for signal troops, navigation and topographic service, information and educational structures, rear services (primarily medical) support of troops.

All these products are not off-the-shelf products; they are produced according to specific technical requirements of the customer, using the basic model and the company's developments for their further improvement.

Within the development and production of basic models and their modifications, current trends in the development of technical means for the armed forces are taken into account in order to maximize the efficient work of the personnel in fulfilling the tasks set and to ensure the most comfortable conditions for the life in the absence of permanent infrastructure.

Mobile Command Posts

Designation: platform for creating modern mobile posts and complexes of various types, used both independently and as a part of mobile command posts, situation centers, mobile border guard units and other mobile units. This product of a new ...
Designation: providing conditions necessary for solving functional tasks by the operational staff of the functional groups and command posts of the branch commanders, special forces and mobile control posts (from tactical to strategic level) in ...

Mobile complexes for signal troops

Designation: to ensure combat work of command (operational) personnel by providing various types of communication (radio communication of short-wave and ultra-short band, satellite, trunking and video conference communication) with higher ...
Designation: providing communication for the work of the command (operative) personnel of command posts. Mobile communication center provides: deployment of up to 15 workstations; organization of short-wave, ultra short wave and satellite ...
Designation: providing control of forces and facilities in places of special and operational activities with the possibility of providing short-wave, ultra short-wave and satellite communications, video surveillance in the field, as well as radio ...

Mobile complexes for medical service

Designation - providing qualified and specialized medical assistance in the field while eliminating the medical consequences of emergencies and military conflicts. The hospital can be used as a completely independent and autonomous unit, and to ...
Designation - providing qualified and specialized medical assistance in the field conditions during the liquidation of medical consequences of emergencies and military conflicts, during organization of medical support of various activities through ...

Mobile complexes for navigation and topographic service

Designation: transportation, storage, assessment of terrain data and transfer of topographic and geodetic information to the headquarters and troops in the analog (maps, images, photographic plans, etc.) and digital form (digital and electronic ...
Designation: operative solution of tasks on topogeodetic preparation of areas for combat of troops, topogeodetic referencing (control of accuracy of topogeodetic reference) of elements of troops formation, topographic reconnaissance of the terrain. ...

Mobile complexes for outreach activities

Designation - technical support of information work in the armed forces and other military formations in the field conditions. Solved tasks: operational collection, processing and distribution of information; reception and transmission of data via ...

Mobile complexes for rear services support

Designation : organization of cooking in the field conditions for 170 people; providing comfortable conditions for rest and accommodation of kitchen workers. Components: automobile chassis (field kitchen) with a container-type body of constant ...
Designation - providing conditions for organization of bath operations and meeting the physiological and hygienic needs of the operational staff of mobile command posts, personnel of mobile hospitals and other consumers in the absence or ...
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