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Mobile polygraphic complex

Mobile polygraphic complex

Designation - operative automated solution of tasks for preparation for publication (based on initial data in digital and analog form) and publication (printing of hard copies) of topogeodetic information in the field conditions.

  • modules of preparation for publication and printing (2 units) on the basis of the chassis of the high mobility vehicle with a container-type box body - to place the hardware and software complex for preparing and printing topographic and geodetic information and solving functional tasks;
  • module for storage and post-printing processing on the basis of an automobile trailer with a container-type box body - for post-printing processing (cutting, laminating) and storing of printed materials, as well as storing of consumables for printing;
  • life support module on the basis of an automobile trailer with a container-type box body - for meetings, rest (sleeping) and meals for members of the calculation team.

Solved tasks:
  • development (updating), preparation for publication (using digital and analog information) and publication of topographic and geodetic terrain data: special maps (roads, car roads, geodetic data, man-made obstacles, concealment conditions, cross-country conditions, river areas); nomenclature sheets of topographic maps subject to after-printing, promptly corrected digital (electronic) maps, digital photo documents about the terrain;
  • solving accounting and operational tasks.

Modular multicomponent products, Vehicles with container and van bodies of constant capacity

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