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Mobile Tactical Unmanned Aircraft System (MTUAS) "Stork-10"

Mobile Tactical Unmanned Aircraft System (MTUAS) "Stork-10"

Designation - aerial surveillance and aerial photo surveillance of the terrain in real time at any time of day.

Components of the product:
  • container-type box body on the high mobility vehicle chassis with a set of equipment for data control and processing, life support equipment and power supply;
  • two axle box trailer with a set of equipment for connection of the GCS UAS to the satellite communication station and ground communication units equipped with a workplace for maintenance and routine maintenance of the UAV;
  • unmanned aerial vehicles "Stork-10" in quantity up to 4 units with payload (digital camera, video camera, infrared camera; video camera on a gyro-stabilized platform;infrared camera on gyro-stabilized platform);
  • set of starting equipment;
  • set of special software;
  • set of spare parts, tools and accessories;
  • satellite communications station;
  • integrated navigation and information complex (optional).

The product is equipped with four automated workplaces (AWP):
  • AWP -1 - workplace of the operator of the payload;
  • AWP -2 - workplace of the UAV operator;
  • AWP -3 - workplace of the operator of the payload;
  • AWP -4 - workplace of the operator for information processing (engineer).

General characteristics of MTUAS "Stork-10":

UAV take-off weight, kgup to 19
Payload weight, kgup to 5
Power plant (fuel)ICE (gasoline AI-95)
Used navigation systemStrapdown INS, GPS, GLONASS
UAV takeoff / landingfrom catapult / by parachute
Range of air speed, km / h90 - 150
Maximum duration of flight, hoursup to 14
Maximum range of data exchange, kmup to 130
Maximum height of UAV flight, m5000
Operating temperature range, ºСfrom -30º to + 40º
Number of simultaneously controlled UAVs4
Number of channels of payload data transmission2
Time of preparation of the TUAS from travelling position, min60
Time of preparation for re-departure of UAV, min30
Area of aerial photography within one flight, km²300
Sleeping berths4

  • the UAV in automatic can cover a distance of up to 1400 km on random track. The track is entered into the UAV when it is in a zone up to 130 km from the ground control station (GCS). Aerial photographs are stored in the on-board memory and can be read when the UAV enters the video channel reception area (130 km) or after landing;
  • simultaneous control of four UAVs, as well as simultaneous acquisition of information from the payload from two UAVs is possible;
  • possibility of data transfer from the payload to a remote user using a satellite communication system;
  • shuttle flights with sequential control transfer between several GCS are possible;
  • possibility of video surveillance of fixed and mobile objects without time limits;
  • optimum height of flight for aerial photography is 1-3 km. The width of the photographed strip is also 1-3 km (the capture width of the camera is approximately equal to the flight height); on the GCS the photos are stitched into the photographic plan. At the same time, the images are referenced to geographical coordinates.

One-component products, Vehicles with container and van bodies of constant capacity

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