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Antarctic station

Antarctic station
Designation - platform (three-section laboratory-residential module) for locating and operating of equipment, providing comfortable living conditions for specialists of the Belarusian Antarctic Expedition at the site of deployment of its first stage (Antarctica, Enderby Land, mountain Vechernaya).

Station components:
  • laboratory and accommodation section;
  • control, communication and navigation section;
  • laboratory and warehouse section;
  • demountable installation platform.

Three sections are equipped with operator's workplaces, the placement, connection and operation of the following equipment is provided: meteorological, information (computers, local information network), radio communications and satellite communications. All necessary life support systems are also installed.

The station remains operational at:
  • ambient temperature from -50 ° С to + 30 ° С;
  • relative humidity from 30 to 98 percent;
  • exposure to snow, rain, frost and wind (gusts up to 70 m/s), salt (sea) fog and ultraviolet radiation.

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