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Command vehicle with a container-type body of variable capacity "Butterfly"
for work

Command vehicle with a container-type body of variable capacity "Butterfly"
Designation: providing conditions necessary for solving functional tasks by the operational staff of the functional groups and command posts of the branch commanders, special forces and mobile control posts (from tactical to strategic level) in case of absence or destruction of a developed life support infrastructure.

To solve these tasks, the product is equipped with field life support systems; cable inputs of power supply, communication and data transmission; automated workplaces with individual (including interactive) and collective information display devices, telephone (open and secure), radio and microcell (trunking) communication (including satellite) equipment and video conference equipment.

Working temperaturefrom -40°С to +50°С
Interior climate20±5°С
Deployment time (calculated as for 4 people)up to 20 min
Number of working / automated workplaces9-12/up to 8
Deployed useful area30 m²

One-component products, Vehicles with a container-type body of variable capacity

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