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About us Midivisana

Midivisana was founded in Minsk on October 25, 1992 by several enthusiasts with a proactive approach to life. The core business of the company at that time was the trade of automotive equipment of the GAZ, UAZ, VAZ, and ZIL brands.

By 1996, the company launched its first production and started producing van trucks, and in 1999, production of insulated van trucks of AFIK series on GAZ chassis was mastered. Since 2002, Midivisana Limited Liability Company started manufacturing first workshop van trucks in the Republic of Belarus (AFM series), crew van trucks (AFV series), vans for itinerant trade (AFT series). In 2003 the thousandth insulated van truck AFIK "Lubava" was produced.

In 2005 there the cooperation with the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus was initiated in terms of developing a new area of activity - military, namely the development and production of command and special vehicles for the needs of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus and other national law enforcement agencies. By the Order of the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Belarus dated March 31, 2008, No. 264, the company's products were introduced into service by the Armed Forces which were manufactured upon the results of the experimental design work "Development and production of command vehicles for mobile command posts".

The production of these vehicles required expansion of production capacities. In a short time, with the use of state-of-the-art technologies, an assembly shop was built, an Italian line for gluing sandwich panels was bought, as well as a paint shop and a power generating unit, the boiler room was reequipped and furniture and sewing shops were equipped. In addition, work with military QC for special-purpose products was organized.

After the successful handing-over of design and development works and introduction into service by the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus of the first seven basic products of the command and special vehicles of mobile command posts of Midivisana LLC, there were received new and not less interesting proposals for development and production of various complexes and special-purpose products.

As a result, there were new products with steady high demand in the international market, among them: command and special vehicles (MSh, SM) of mobile command posts (MCP) of national law enforcement agencies: 3, 4-module mobile command posts; MSh of variable capacity (VC) "Machaon", "Butterfly"; MSh of constant capacity (for work, for rest); special equipment trucks, special vehicles of regime-secret organizations; MSh executive command vehicles; special complexes – navigation and topographic, navigation and geodetic, information center; special communication equipment rooms; situation centers; mobile reconnaissance centers; and tactical unmanned aircraft complexes.

In total, under the Orders of the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Belarus 15 vehicles of Midivisana LLC were introduced into service by the Armed Forces. Mobile command posts, formed from unified command-staff and special vehicles, repeatedly participated in the training exercises and were approved by the top leaders of the Republic of Belarus. It is unlikely that any private company in the defense sector of the economy of the Republic of Belarus has similar achievements.

Commercially available integrated command-staff and special vehicles on the basis of container and van bodies of constant and variable capacities (ranging from 20 to 40 feet) of our manufacture entered into military service at the Ministries of the Republic of Belarus, of the Russian Federation, of the Republic of Kazakhstan, of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia and of other customers.

Today Midivisana LLC is a multifunctional research and production enterprise. All products are made on its own production base and have necessary certificates.

The quality management system STB ISO 9001-2009 implemented by the company regulates the business processes of design, manufacture and sale of specialized and special automotive equipment and guarantees the quality and reliability of our products for the customers.

Midivisana LLC has a special permit for the right to carry out activities related to military products, as well as a certificate for the right to conduct foreign trade activities in respect of specific products (works, services) issued by the State Military Industrial Committee of the Republic of Belarus.

In 2014, based on the results of statistical ranking of the main official data in the national rating of enterprises of the Republic of Belarus, Midivisana LLC took:

in nomination of TOP-10 (silver), the fifth place;

in nomination of TOP-5 (gold), sixth place;

in nomination of TOP-100 (gold), seventh place.

By the results of 2015, Midivisana received the International Europe Award "For Quality", awarded by the Global Trade Leaders Club (Spain, Madrid).


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