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Midivisana was founded in Minsk on October 25, 1992 by several enthusiasts with a proactive approach to life. The core business of the company at that time was the trade of automotive equipment of the GAZ, UAZ, VAZ, and ZIL brands.

By 1996, the company launched its first production and started producing van trucks, and in 1999, production of insulated van trucks of AFIK series on GAZ chassis was mastered. Since 2002, Midivisana Limited Liability Company started manufacturing first workshop van trucks in the Republic of Belarus (AFM series), crew van trucks (AFV series), vans for itinerant trade (AFT series). In 2003 the thousandth insulated van truck AFIK "Lubava" was produced. more

Midivisana at the exhibition KADEX - 2018 V International Exhibition of Weapons Systems and Military Equipment KADEX-2018 took place from May 23 to May 26, 2018 on the territory of the military sector of the International Airport of Astana.This was the first exhibition held under the ... more

The 10th Belarusian Antarctic expedition is over Seven specialists and scientists of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, who were part of the 10th Belarusian Antarctic expedition, returned to Minsk. During the expedition the construction of the Belarussian Antarctic station was continued ... more

Products of Midivisana LLC at Zapad-2017 military exercise On September 14-20, Zapad-2017 joint strategic exercise took place at several polygons in the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation with the participation of up to 13,000 servicemen. During this most significant and large-scale event of ... more

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Set of modular command vehicles
(2-5 modules)
Designation: platform for organizing workplaces for management and operational staff of mobile command posts and mobile situation centers in case of absence or destruction of a developed life support infrastructure. Solved tasks: collection, ...... more

Antarctic station Designation - platform (three-section laboratory-residential module) for locating and operating of equipment, providing comfortable living conditions for specialists of the Belarusian Antarctic Expedition at the site of deployment of its first ...... more

Autonomous field station for situation monitoring
    Designation - placing of operational and technical personnel, special equipment and provision of autonomous operation in the management of various levels in the field conditions during a long period in areas of emergency situations, man-caused ...... more

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